Humble Pie Design
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Our journey began when we, the Schowens, found ourselves at my grandmother’s house in the charming town of Iron Bridge, Ontario. Marian Norlena Rutledge was a multitalented, hard working woman. She played the steel guitar, was a trapper, rock collector, quilter, leather maker, knitter, gardener and mother of seven.

As we waded barefoot through her carefully tended garden, now ours, we were flooded with her innovative ideas, inspiration and love. Marian was a true hard worker. Thank you for your inspiration, boundless energy and spirit that guide us. 

Welcome to our humble home, and please enjoy some of our Humble Pie Design. 

With love, 

The Schowens



The name Humble Pie Design was thought up by Bill and came to fruition when we put both of our minds together. 

The idea of living closer to our families was what made everything happen. Our children having more time to spend with our families and keeping the family house just made sense.

We look forward to hearing from you.

the Schowen's

Creating & Supporting a Handmade Life

In our home we try to focus on a handmade life as much as possible. I knit, mend and sew garments for myself and family, and we cook from scratch. We try to shop locally and to support small business whenever we can.